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Welcome to the TICA Peterbald Website

     The Peterbald Website contains information on Members, Standards, History, coats, and Factoids.



All memberships must be renewed before May 1st if you intend on voting in this year's elections in TICA

Filing deadline for running for Offices and breed committees is:


July 31, 2008


To Join the Peterbald Cat Chat List:

Please contact:  Peterbaldcats@maine.rr.com


      Peterbald's accomplishments in TICA.

Send in your pictures of your champions, grand champions etc and Supreme pictures.  We would love to display them on the website!

Title Page is up and running but more pictures will be added!


We need more pictures of brush coats in anticipation of May 1, 2008 brush coats being accepted in championship.

Pictures - names and your evaluation of your cat.


As of May 1st, 2008 the brush coat will be allowed in all diivisions.

Breed Chair:

Gail Bercher

Breed Committee:

Donna Gonyea-Madison

Guillermo Cerezuela


Standings are now up.


Please use your refresher button!!!!!!!!!!! Website is changed frequently.

Webmaster:  email:  Peterbaldcats@maine.rr.com